Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd, Southeast Asia’s leading online gaming publisher, announced the opening of its new Philippines office as part of its expansion strategies to reach out to gamers in the region.

The opening of Asiasoft Philippines will increase the online gaming industry locally with several other popular titles set to launch in the coming months.

The Phillipines office will kick start its services with Asiasoft existing titles such as Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA), a fast action high-definition First Person Shooter (FPS) game powered by Unreal Engine 3, Sudden Attack, the number one FPS game in Korea and Chaos Online, the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title by Asiasoft. The company is also set to release a new football management game titled FC Manager soon.

“We see the potential of eSports and the burgeoning gaming scene here in the Philippines, therefore we decided to set up an office here to better serve the local gaming community,” said Mr Sherman Tan, Chairman of Asiasoft. “With the plethora of games in the line up, we hope that gamers here will be very excited and we look forward to their support as Asiasoft embarks on its journey.”

For this year alone, Asiasoft has numerous plans in store for Filipino gamers. Other than launching free-to-play games for general enjoyment, those looking to fulfill their competitive streak can eagerly anticipate the series of tournaments that take place across selected iCafes nationwide, leading up to Asiasoft’s regional championship in January 2014, which will feature attractive cash prices and more. The participating games will be AVA, Sudden Attack, and Chaos Online.

Details on the event will be released closer to the date. For the meantime, those of you interested can check out the respective games’ websites and their Facebook fan pages for the latest news and updates.

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