A night where everything glowed. A celebration of passion, tribute, and excellence. Guests and employees alike exuded an aura of inexhaustible excitement for Devant: Celebrating 10 Years of Audio-Visual Excellence last June 18, 2013, at Opus Restaurant and Lounge.

The event is a huge milestone for Devant, the fastest growing electronics company in the Philippines. Devant specializes in portable players with LED monitors, Speaker Systems, LCD TVs, and as the early adaptor of the latest in TV technology-the LED Tech TV. Devant boasts of a symphony of superior technology and unparalleled designs. But more importantly, the brand stands out for making the dream of owning a big screen TV a reality for Filipino consumers.

To begin the night, the crowd was serenaded by crooner RJ Jimenez from Pinoy Dream Academy and his string ensemble, which delivered their own renditions of popular songs such as Unwell, Your Body Is A Wonderland, and The Remedy (mashed-up with Where Is The Love). Mr. James Ng, General Manager of Devant, gave out his heartfelt greetings.

“Tonight is very special for our company as we celebrate our 10th year anniversary. I started this company with a simple vision and years later this vision has started becoming a reality. I am truly blessed for the opportunity to work with a great team who shared with me the passion for success and the heart to endure all the hardship” and this was followed by Devant’s tribute video.

It was a definitely a night of surprises as the Devant Brand Ambassadors were revealed, heralded by none other than Sam YG with the rest of his Boys Night Out crew. This was followed by a laser dance performance by Team Vibe. Keeping in theme with the weather, it rained LEDTech TVs and Smart 3D Internet TVs with home entertainment systems. 10 lucky winners got to bring home Devant TVs.

As the night came to a close, guests witnessed the ceremonial toast and TV lighting courtesy of the Devant team. Of course the guests did not go home empty-handed as Devant gave away Blu-Ray players to everyone present.

The event was hosted by Devant Brand Ambassador and Boys Night Out radio DJ Sam YG and model, actress, and TV host Nicole Andersson. Guests enjoyed a continuous flow of sumptuous cocktails at Opus Restaurant and Lounge, paired with with award-winning wines from Manny O. When it was time for socials, music was turned over to Manila’s Hottest Lady DJ Nina, who spinned today’s top tunes.

Among those who graced the event were celebrities Tim Yap, Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Jon Avila, Anthony Semerad, famed running coach Rio Dela Cruz, and designer Avel Bacudio. Also spotted were entertainers Neil Coleta, Markki Stroem, Erik Santos, Liezel Garcia, Jerome Ponce, Kris Lawrence, Bryan Termulo, and Cesca Litton. Moreover, Devant flew in their dealers and partners to celebrate this momentous occasion with them.

For Devant’s first ever event, the night was a resounding success and it will surely raised the bar for events in the electronics industry. It is a precedent of technology’s essential role in our lives, and in Devant’s case, it certainly makes audio-visual excellence a reality.


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