Fujifilm Philippines Inc. launches Instax Mini 8, their latest product of the series Instax instant film cameras that offer credit card sized photo prints right after taking it. The camera is available in five colors such as white, black, pink, blue and yellow.

Since its introduction in 1998, the Instax mini has become popular with the ease of use, fun style and image quality. Today, while the way people enjoy photography has been diversified with the spread of digital cameras and smartphones combined with SNS websites or cloud services, people have once again come to recognize the fascination of instant film cameras for its feature of printing out photos at the site, to be shared with family and friends right after taking the shot.

There are number of occasions to use Instax cameras, such as weddings and parties, as well as everyday scenes and self-portraits. The bright and soft look of Instax photos is also a factor for its popularity among teenage girls and women in their early 20s, who are unfamiliar with analog photos. Instax started attracting consumers in China and South Korea first, and then it has also become popular in Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

While carrying the simple design and easy usability of existing “Instax mini 7s,” The new Instax Mini 8 is even smaller thatn Mini 7s in volume ratio by approximately 10 percent.

The High-key mode, an aperture of another 2/3 stop up, is newly added to the shooting function. Photos with a bright and soft look, preferred by female users, can easily be shot just by adjusting the dial to “High-key” mode.

Fujifilm will continue to help consumers enjoy photo life more by further expanding the popular Instax series of instant cameras.

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