Imagine a home where life is as simple as it could possibly be, a home where the family and friends can actually be together and spend quality time with one another without having to worry about the little things.

Envision a mother having more time to help her son with his homework without having to worry about the laundry because she doesn’t need to spend hours ironing clothes from her fabric-caring washing machine.

Picture a son sharing his latest trip photos with his family through their Smart TV directly from his phone. Imagine a father who control’s both the air conditioner and the music on the speakers with his phone so as not to disturb the daughter, comfortable and asleep on his lap. Time in a home such as this would be well spent as even more precious memories could be created when the hassles of day-to-day life are minimized. Is it an ideal home? Yes. It is a dream home? Yes. But is such a home even possible? Certainly.

Commitment to the Future Through Convergence Technology

A leader in digital convergence technology, Samsung has made this dream home a reality thanks to its devices that can be easily controlled and programmed to interact with one another. Through Samsung’s unyielding passion for excellence, innovations that were previously thought to be decades away from fruition are now available and at our fingertips with Samsung Smart TVs, Smartphones, Smart Cameras, Bluetooth and NFC enabled speakers, laptops and Wi-Fi capable printers and airconditioners found in Samsung’s extensive and top-of-the-line technological repertoire.

Samsung takes their commitment to inspiring the world and creating the future to a new level with their upcoming SM Appliance Center Convergence Launch. Eager to show the community how Samsung’s convergent technology contributes to a better world and a richer experience for all, the company will be launching the S-Path, the epitome of a Samsung Convergent ecosystem.

Experience Possibilities with the S-Path

Samsung has always pushed the limits of technology further than others have thought possible with unbelievable products. Now, Samsung encourages consumers to see what these items can do to improve life and lessen worries when used together in an optimal ecosystem. Demonstrating a Samsung lifestyle through convergent technology, the S-Path is a replica of a home that functions with convenience through convergent appliances and gadgets from Samsung. A walk through the S-Path gives consumers a taste of these appliances and gadgets in a much more engaging, interactive and interesting manner. Think of it as a way to step into the possibilities of your future, as you see with your own eyes how much more fruitful and enjoyable a family’s life is when supported by a Samsung world.

Convergence with Samsung and the SM Appliance Center

Joined in this effort by SM Appliance Center, Samsung will unveil the S-Path and the new look of the SM Appliance Center for the very first time in the Philippines on July 1, 2013 in the SM Appliance Center Makati. Those present at the event, aptly titled Converge, will be able to see the enhanced look of the SM Makati Appliance Center and witness the unveiling of the S-Path. Guests will be guided through the S-Path in groups where they can witness the highlights of the S-Path and see the way a mother, father and son interact together in an ideal home. Join Samsung and SM Appliance Center for this groundbreaking event.

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