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During the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s, Indonesia and the Philippines were bailed out by the International Monetary Fund. This year, they showed the world how far they’ve come from those dark days by pledging a billion dollars each to replenish the IMF’s kitty.

With rapidly growing economies and rising incomes, the two countries are home to a large and young labor force, an expanding middle class and have stable, elected governments with policies inspiring investor confidence. They also have sturdy banks and enough foreign-exchange reserves — more than a year’s imports in the Philippines’s case — to rebuff a misguided run on their currencies. See: Banks in Indonesia and the Philippines flourish.

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Infochat has a new website ( and we invite you to visit us there.

We also invite you to check, an online magazine hub that offers access to leading magazines in digital format.

Please know that this blog/site will still be maintained.

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Interview on gadgets used for spying aired on ABS-CBN TV-Patrol:

Gadgets used for spying revealed

Interview about cyber security aired on GMA7 Saksi and QTV11 News on Q:

TechTrends – Cyber security tips

India’s Tata Motors is buying the British-based luxury car marques Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford for 1.46 billion euros in cash.

Analysts have expressed concerns about how Tata will fund this deal given the current credit crunch, and how Jaguar and Land Rover will fit into its stable of vehicles, including the Nano, the world’s cheapest car.

Many Asian currencies have risen against the U.S. dollar this year, making exports more expensive and their foreign exchange reserves less valuable. But economists say regional governments should not be too worried about the trend.

The Philippine peso rose to its highest level against the U.S. dollar in seven years this week, while the Singapore dollar hit a 10-year high. In India, the rupee has risen 12 percent this year. The Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Taiwan dollar and Thai baht also have strengthened steadily.

Song Seng Wun is a regional economist for CIMB-GK Research in Singapore. He says Asian governments are not taking aggressive measures to stop the trend.

Now, Asia is booming. At the same time, worries about an economic slowdown and the mortgage crisis in the United States, are driving a wave of currency appreciation in Asia. The recent cut in U.S. interest rates also hurt the dollar.

A weaker dollar makes Asian exports more expensive for American consumers. But Song says Asian governments are not too concerned about rising export prices, in part because most regional currencies are in the same situation. That means no one country is being priced out of the market.

Starbucks Recalls China Made Kiddie Cups

Posted: October 12, 2007 in MISC

Starbucks is recalling around 250,000 children’s cups because the cups pose a choking hazard. The coffee company recalled the plastic products because they can break, leaving sharp edges and small pieces children can choke on.

This is another item on a list of recalled products that were manufactured in China. Other recalled products include many children’s toys as some were painted with paint that contained dangerous amounts of lead.

The recalled cups with protruding faces of a ladybug, a turtle, a bunny, and a chick were sold in Starbucks stores.

Starbucks is offering a free beverage to anyone who returns one of the cups.