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Whether you are an anemone-loving Clownfish, seagrass-grazing Dugong or acrobatic Spinner Dolphin – you are still susceptible to cyanide puffs, dynamite blasts and a host of deadly marine threats.


American Eye Center unveils the most advanced method of cataract surgery hailed as the Alcon LenSx Femtosecond surgery. The first of its kind in Asia, this operation provide patients with an all-laser cataract procedure.

The Alcon LenSx Femtosecond Laser surgery brings an unprecedented level of safety, speed and precision in treating cataracts, and enhances the host of options for surgical-based methods that AEC offers its clients.

The Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) salutes the researchers of Stemagen, Inc. on their accomplishment of cloning human embryos towards a goal of creating patient-specific embryonic stem cells for human therapeutic use.

“This is a good day for stem cell research. SCNT (therapeutic cloning) is potentially an important first step towards finding cures and may lead to an array of promising discoveries,” said Bernard Siegel, executive director of GPI. “One day we may have patient-matched embryonic stem cells lines which will enable researchers to investigate the root cause of diseases, test drugs using cells in lab dishes rather than in human subjects and formulate individual cell therapies for patients.”

“Opponents of stem cell research foes often try to blur the distinction between unethical human reproductive cloning and SCNT, which is a form of stem cell research. Where there is so much suffering, it is imperative that scientists have all reasonable tools to seek lifesaving treatments and cures and that includes SCNT,” said Siegel.