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Ernest Cu, President and CEO of Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom announces the launching of its fourth generation Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) network for broadband and mobile telephony use. The launch of the LTE forms that will take place this September is part of the company’s $700-Million network modernization program.

“By September this year, it’s all systems go to launch the 4G LTE network of Globe. On top of just offering the fastest speeds on the country’s best broadband service, Tattoo, Globe will offer 4G LTE on a full range of mobile phones by the fourth quarter of the year,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Consumer Business of Globe Telecom. He also added, “Globe has been in the industry leader in 4G for 4 years. Globe was the first to introduce 4G WiMax and 4G HSPA+. Now, we are the first to announce mobile 4G LTE, which provides superior speeds on the world’s best mobile phones and gadgets.”