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Scammers have begun exploiting the launch of Google’s new Google+ social network, with a growing number of spam emails that imitate Google+ invitations, which instead directs users to a pharmaceutical website.

The invitation looks similar to the genuine Google+, However, clicking on the links will not take you to the new social network, but instead take you to a pharmacy website set up to sell the likes of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to the unwary.

Google has now confirmed that they are going to announce something related to Android mobile platform this coming January 5.

And reports are indicating that the announcement has something to do with Google’s own branded Android powered smartphone Google Nexus One.

Google Nexus One has been manufactured for the company by HTC.

Google’s Chrome browser has surpassed Apple’s Safari in market share for the first time ever, according to the latest NetApplications stats, seeing large growth to move to 4.63 percent, just ahead of Safari’s 4.46 percent. Overall, Chrome moved 18 percent from 3.93 in November.

Firefox declined to 24.61 percent, and Internet Explorer continued its long term downtrend, falling to 62.29 percent.