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With the help of technology today, listening and downloading your favorite song is just a piece of cake. And to meet the demanding needs of music lovers to listen to the latest songs right through their devices, the biggest and most innovative music-downloading site from MobileCash Inc. and Rising Tide mobile Entertainment Inc., was launched in the country. is a one-stop store that will fill everyone’s music needs. The music library of this site boasts thousands of songs and albums to choose from. It has an initial catalogue of over 160,000 songs available for download and showcases a variety of genres. Users can instantly listen to their favorite local and international artists by downloading their music for a very affordable price. The payment is guaranteed secure and hassle-free with the use of PayPal, credit card, or mobile load. This is in line with the goal of the site to provide affordable and accessible music, and delivering quality service to every music enthusiasts around the globe.