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Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs and AV lineup offer easier content navigation and premium, connected audio technology

At its 2013  AV Roadshow today, Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) reinforced its technology leadership through the introduction of its new Smart TV lineup that responds to consumer demand for premium design, smarter features, superior picture quality, and larger screen sizes. Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs allow users to enjoy a more seamless, integrated and immersive entertainment viewing experience.

Samsung also announced the expansion of its digital audio lineup with new devices that easily turn any home entertainment setup into an optimal sound environment and feature a number of wireless connectivity enhancements.

“Consumers are demanding more from TV and AV products in order to achieve the ultimate home entertainment experience,” said CL Lee, president and Managing Director of SEPCO. “We’re offering a brand new Smart Hub, which offers a simpler, more intuitive way for consumers to discover and organize the content they love. In addition, the new upgradeable evolution kit makes Samsung Smart TVs future-proof TVs.”

Redesigned Smart Hub for the Ultimate Lean-back Experience

Samsung is providing consumers with a simpler way to embrace the discovery of new content and experiences with a completely redesigned Smart Hub. The 2013 Smart Hub provides consumers with an easy way to organize and navigate personalized content through an updated interface and dynamic thumbnail previews within three newly designed panels:

  • Apps: Easily access and edit downloaded Samsung Apps
  • Photos, Videos & Music: Access personal content stored on various AllShare devices and web storages in one place
  • Social: View popular video content shared across social channels

The new Apps panel of Samsung’s Smart Hub allows users to display up to 30 app icons on one page, which users can customize so that their favorite apps are easy to access. Consumers can easily browse Samsung’s Smart Hub through its enhanced Voice Control function, which offers improved usability and accuracy – including the ability to understand about 300 different commands, up from 50 commands in 2012, and to control multiple apps at once. With these improvements, consumers can navigate their entire Smart TV via Samsung’s updated Voice Control feature, for a more seamless experience from beginning to end.

Combined with Samsung’s enhanced Motion Control – which includes new gestures that allow users to swipe and two-handed zoom in/out while viewing websites and photos, or use a flip motion to easily move between Smart Hub panels – consumers can now have more fun navigating and controlling their TV than ever before.

UHD TV—Ultimate Blend of Technology and Craftsmanship

The stunning Timeless Gallery design of the new Samsung UHD TV UA85S9, sets a new standard for the industry, revolutionizing the conventional TV design aesthetic. The TV appears to be floating within its frame and showcases the juxtaposition of a classic, minimalist concept with a large, 85-inch display. Samsung’s design concept includes its One Connect solution to eliminate cable clutter by requiring only one cable to connect to the TV, creating a perfect Clean Back look. The UHD TV’s larger screen size is part of Samsung’s effort to meet consumer demand for larger-screen TVs – the fastest growing TV segment in the region.

Blending technology excellence with fine craftsmanship, the state-of-the-art UA85S9 offers four times the resolution available on existing Full HD displays to deliver beautiful detail, unmatched clarity and the most vivid picture quality. The UA85S9 UHD also includes Samsung’s proprietary up-scaling engine which can up-convert HD or Full-HD to UHD-level picture quality by restoring detail information to create greater precision for real-life picture quality. In addition to the up-scaling engine, Samsung’s addressing the current conflicting UHD content industry standards through Smart Evolution, which will have forward compatibility with the latest standards and features. Users will have no difficulties in watching UHD content regardless of future standardizations, which eases purchasing concerns to ensure that users will be able to view UHD content for years to come.

Rounding off the UHD TV S9 is an immersive audio experience to match its screen excellence, with 120-watt array speakers built seamlessly into the frame of the television.

LED TV—The Brightest Picture Available

The F8000 reaffirms Samsung’s leadership in the LED Smart TV market by offering brighter, more vibrant pictures with richer colors, deeper black levels and higher contrasts. Its ultra-thin design profile and Arc stand make the TV appear to be floating in the air. The F8000 is also among Samsung’s first line of Smart TVs equipped with Intelligent Viewing, which creates an optimized picture quality dependent on the type of content, and a quad-core processor – making it even easier and faster for consumers to toggle between apps, online services and on-air TV. The F8000 will be available this year in 55”, 60’’, 65” and 75” class screen sizes.

Samsung Evolution Kit—Delivering Real Future-Proof TVs

Samsung is delivering on its promise to offer its customers a way to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Available on Series 7, 8 and 9 2012 Smart TVs, the Evolution Kit offers both software and hardware updates that include access to the 2013 Smart Hub and other Smart features, and transforms the set’s dual-core CPU to quad-core, resulting in faster internal processing speeds. Several of Samsung’s flagship 2013 Smart TVs will also be equipped with slots for future Evolution kits.

7.1 Channel Home Theater System—Brilliant, Unprecedented Sound Quality

Samsung’s HT-F9750W Home Theater System provides consumers with superior sound quality and a remarkable viewing experience comparable to that of a movie theater. The 1,330-watt sound system features a vacuum tube pre-amplifier and gallium nitride amplifier, which together create a pure, natural sound without distortion. The HT-F9750W also offers a Blu-ray component that allows users to run multiple apps at once for easier access to the latest Smart Hub and AllShare features. The home theater system’s powerful sound quality is matched with a premium, metallic finish that is the perfect complement to Samsung’s 2013 Smart TVs, including Samsung’s UHD TV.

AirTrack—Wireless Connectivity Experience

Samsung’s HW-F450 AirTrack is a sound system with a stunningly slim and sleek design created to complement the aesthetic qualities of the Samsung TV. The AirTrack’s slimness allows it to lie horizontally, so you can efficiently use the space around you. The simple, wireless feature enables easy setup, delivering a clean and elegant look to your space. Plus, with SoundShare, you can easily synchronize your TV wirelessly via Bluetooth, making the connection clean and effortless. This allows you to showcase the slim and sleek design of each device, while also enjoying the enhanced immersive entertainment experience.

Hi-Fi Component System—Perfect Sound System for Blastng Sound

MX-FS8000 is a perfect sound system for blasting sound with its 2300watts sound output. With the beat waving features of the Samsung Hi-fi Component system, you can feel that you’re in the midst of a cheering crowd at a football game or have an opportunity to be a perfect DJ and get your party started. The powerful sound 3D display and beat waving make this system the best out there.

Bluetooth Speaker—Bring your music anywhere

Samsung’s DA-F61 is equipped with a Near Field Communication feature which can instantaneously connect with Samsung smartphones without wires. Once in range, SoundRunwill automatically turn on and transfer content, such as music files, within seconds.